Science Fair

March 13th

Today at 9:00AM we set up our science fair projects in the gymnasium. I did my project on Orange Juice and Vitamin C. The point of my project is to figure out how long Vitamin c keeps in Orange Juice.


yesterday Louisa Bates came to our school and brang a very special  “Gift”  salmon!  She came into our class and taught us all about what eggs  need to survive, such as the Red, the Gravel, the cold water, the  oxygen, the shade, and The food. When we put our salmon eggs in the aquarium I named mine Ernest and Veronica! Afterwards we Dissected a Fish!

Wizards Vs Ogres and A Lot Of Other Things


One beautiful day at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry Harry Potter was jumping around in his dorm room when Ron Wesley knocked on the open door.
“Skabbers, Skabbers, Crookshanks is trying to eat Skabbers. Just wanted to tell you,” Then Ron fainted after he said it. Just then Hermione came in the room and said,
“Here is your crime to nature, oh he fainted again,”
“Don’t you mean Skabbers”
Harry thundered as he turned Ron around on his back and smacked his face.
“I just got picked for that new game show called are you smarter than a headmaster at an ogre school?!!!”
“Are you serious?, those schools teach little baby ogres how to EAT wizards and witches, Like us!,”
Hermione screamed as she kicked Harry in the shins.
“OK,OK. I’ll back out of the competition”
“You didn’t tell anyone that it was a competition. How could you not have tolled us?” Ron herd that last thing that He said and then fainted.
Harry got really mad so he when to Hagrids house to get all of his anger out. When Harry got to Hagrids house he kicked the door open with Quidich shoes.
“Why are you so angry all of a sudden?,”
Hargrid asked.
“Well… First Ron SCREAMED in my ear I quote Skabbers, Skabbers, Crookshanks is trying to eat Skabbers, Then Hermione KICKED truly, my best friend in the side, And Hermione SCREAMED in my other ear too so now I think that I have a really really bad ear problems.

“Can you please go talk to Hermione and Ron, oh don’t forget to give Ron a piece of pie so he does not cry,”

Harry said.

“Well were is the pie you are speaking of for Ron?,”

Hagrid asked suspiciously like he wanted some pie too.

“It’s in my mini fridge,”
Harry said

“Can I have some pretty pretty please with a cherry on top”

Hagrid was really getting annoying so Harry said,

“Ya you can have a piece of the pie, but you have to leave me a piece”

As Hagrid was walking down the cooradoor we saw a messenger for the ogre school Harry was competing agents. Hagrid jumped so high he shook the hole School plus his own house!!!

“Hello I have a telegram for Harry Potter about the game show,”

Said the little messenger.

“Oh yes, Harry Potter yes,yes,yes he is at my house down by the forbidden forest…”

Said Hagrid as sophisticated as he could to not sound like total freak

“I mean my palace by the wonderful woods, he is eating a chocolate surprise cake made by my personal cook.”

Hagrid can tell some pretty good lies these days.

“Aw I see can you please be my human compass to  the wonderful woods?’

Said the messenger.

“NO. HA,ha,ha I meant YES,YES,YES I will direct you to my wonderful woods 🙂 “

Hagrid hesitated a little on that last sentence.

As Harry was waiting for Hagrid  to get back from feeding Ron some pie, he went out to chop some wood for the fire place, but when he got out there was no axe he looked everywhere.
“I have looked everywhere,”
Harry said to his self.
The thing Harry did not know was that Nevile had stole the axe because the big chubby bullies would beat him up if he did not do something bad so he stole a giants axe.
Harry ran around the property like a maneake screaming wheres Hagrids axe for Voldemorts sake.
” Ha ha I kinda well, I well, I stole OK,”
Nevil said with gilt in his eyes
“Do you realize that Hagrid is a GIANT. He can eat you in one small comp of his enormous teeth!!!
Harry screamed in Nevil’s ear.
As Hagrid was guiding the little messenger to Harry who was now chopping wood happily after Neil gave the axe back.
“Heres the little wackadoodle. Harry why are you at my sisters hut Hagreitta does not know you.”
“I don’t even know her.”
Harry said
“I don’t know your name do I”
said the messenger.
“Why should I tell you. You little green thing from an ogre school.”
Hagrid said
“Well you forced me to it my name is Rubas Hagrid and this is Harry Potter.”
Harry did not know what the messenger was so Harry kicked the little green messenger really hard into the the middle of the forbidden forest were he got eaten by Aragog the spider and his spider minyns.

The ogre school found out that there messenger had been kicked into a forbidden forest and eaten by spiders. The head master was not pleased with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
“That wizard school of wizard stuff and all that.”
“That is defenitly enough”
Said the headmaster.
“I said enough Marco!!!”
an anonymous ogre said.

As Hermione was putting her hairspray in her hair Ron kicked open the door and knocked the hairspray out of her hand smacked her across the face 27 times saying,
“What is wrong with you”
“Absolutely nothing,”
Hermione said like a little angle sent from heaven above.
While Hermione was picking up her hairspray Dobby the house elf came and pushed Hermione to the ground and was saying to Ron,
“Harry is in big,big,BIG trouble he drop kicked the messenger for the ogre school into the forbidden forest were he got got…”
“Got what?”
“Eaten bye Aragog the spider and his spider miyns.”
Hermione screamed as she just woke up:(

As Harry was punching himself for drop kicking the messenger into the forbidden forest.
“I don’t think that will look good on my permanent record.”
Do you?” Harry asked Haggrid.

“I demand a new messenger NOW”
The voice of the headmaster at the ogre school was probably almost through the hole school by now!!  Vevel  herd the noise and hid under his pillow and screamed
“Go away,go away I didn’t do anything wrong… I think”
That voice of the headmaster traveled all the way to Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry.
“What is that horrible sound”asked Nevil long-bottom hiding under his pillow.
Dumbeldore started to cry when he herd it. The sound of the headmaster at the ogre school was so strong everyone screamed and cried. Harry could not hear the noise because he had his I Pod volume turned on full blast. As soon as Harry took out his ear phones the sound had already passed But harry felt a song coming on

“What was that?” asked Roon Westerly looking up Hogwarts on you tube
“I have no idea” Said Freed Westerly getting his pajamas on at 5:36 PM because he goes to bed at 6:02 PM on week ends, but on School nights he has to get his pajamas on at 3:30 PM and go to bed at 4:00 PM. Harry potter gets into his pajamas at 11:30 PM and goes to bed at 12:00 PM.

‘Well I am off the Herboiledy” said Hermione.
“Now who knows what a Mandrake is?” asked Professor Sprout
‘Ooh pick me pick me” said Nevil
“No pick me” screamed Luna
“No of course she is going to pick me” snarled Violet
“How about Hermione Granger!!!” yelled Professor Sprout.
“Well… A Mandrake is a plant the if you take it out of it’s soil it will screamed so loud it is fetal”
“Correct” said professor sprout not surprised.

Mean while back at the ogre school as the head-master was just getting out of bed… SPLASH!!! He was in the ocean. The two pranksters went a little to far wait they went way to far.
“Ha, Ha, Ha. Do you ever look when you get out of bed?” snarled the two.
“Detention!” screamed the wet head-master. sometimes when the head-master is mad he gives detention for the whole semester.
“La, La, La,” sang Neevil Longbottom as he was walking down the corridor.

“Everybody eyes up!” Hermione was practicing being a professor so when she grew up she could be a teacher and teach at Hogwarts… If Voldemort didn’t destroy it first to get the boy who lived (Harry Potter)
“Why do you always practice and when you do why here?” said Ron
“Just to bug you” answered Hermione smiling happily.  Harry, Ron, Hermione, Nevil, Fred, And George were walking down to the great-hall and Nevil saw an ogre, a big chubby ogre.

“Guys I think someone wants to talk to Harry…”

“Hello my name is Boobly-Son.”said Boobly-Son

“My head-master wishes to speak with you Harry




Possible”   Added Boobley-Son. So Harry ran down the corador, almost punched Filch in the neck and got to the ogre school as Harry got the head-masters room

“Hello” said the head master to Harry

“HI” He replied

Harry was so scared because that ogre might eat him!

“I am here to back out of the ogre competition”

“OK! But first……

The Lynx

Here is my iformation from the wiki


If you have ever gone camping before, I bet you’ve seen a bird or heard a chipmunk, but I bet that you have never seen a lynx.

These mamals of the north forest belong to the cat family. Most lynx can weigh up to 13 kg, but some weigh 45 kg. They can be as long as 90 cm.

Lynx have long tuffs of fur on their ears. Lynx have fur behind their jaws and hind legs. They have two fur coats. Their summer coat is brown spotted and their winter coat is grey spotted. Lynx have really big paws and long legs.


The lynx lives in the tundra in the north forest of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Lynx build their den in a dark cave or in a log.

Lynx live alone most of the year. They only live with another lynx if they want to breed.


Lynxs are nocturnal. That means that they sleep during the day and hunt at night.

These animals are carnivores. That means that they only eat meat like, mice, birds, chickens, squirrels, caribou calves, fox, river otters, beavers, muskrats, and snowshoe hares. Lynx can eat 1 snowshoe hare in a single meal. The lynx usually eats 150-200 snowshoe hares in one year.

The lynx sometimes even eats pets!



The lynx has many enemies. Sometimes they swim to escape, but sometimes they climb trees to get away.

Some of the lynx’s enemies are wolves, cougars, and wolverines. Those animals are higher than the lynx on the food chain.

Lynx can get hit by cars, trucks, or trains. Sometimes the lynx is just minding its own business and BOOM! It’s dead!

That usually happens if it’s in the middle of the road or it’s hunting season.


Lynx’s have 1 litter every year. The lynx usually has 1-4 babies at a time. Baby lynx’s are called cubs or kittens, like how a baby bear is called a cub and a baby cat is called a kitten. The kittens stay in their den until they are 5 months old. They still have to grow for 19 more months until they are fully grown.

The kittens do not have a sense of hearing or smell when they are born. Kittens have grey fur when they are babies.

The babies spend a lot of time playing because they have a lot of energy. They also drink milk from their mother.

Lynx’s kittens are so cute!


Lynx’s have some interesting adaptations like how they have large padded feet which help them to walk quietly and fast in deep snow or fast over a short distance.

The lynx has really cool claws that can retract. Lynx’s use their claws to catch their prey. They also use their claws for fighting their predators and climbing big trees that they can hide in.

The lynx has a nose and a pair of ears just like us, but they have a better sense of smell than you and me and better eye sight too.

The lynx’s adaptations are so cool!

Cool Facts

The lynx has a lot of cool facts. I was amazed with how many cool facts I found in my books. There were a lot of facts I didn’t know about the lynx. I hope you like my facts.

Lynx’s have very sharp teeth and powerful jaws that can break though your bones as easy as pie. That must hurt. Once I got bit by a human and it just left teeth marks it didn’t break though my bones, so that means that lynx’s teeth are sharper than human teeth and their jaws are more powerful than ours.

The lynx’s claws are sharp so they can scratch trees to mark their territory. You would not want to get in front of him while he is doing that, but if you did it would hurt a lot.

Lynx’s have very furry feet that keep them warm like how we have coats,socks,shoes,hats,pants,and mittens. They are also really great climbers and jumpers.

Lynx’s use their whiskers to help their body fit in small spaces,isn’t that weird?

Like I said Lynx’s have a lot of cool facts.





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